Winter patterns are popular!

Winter patterns are popular!

As the holidays approach, we get into the snow star and Christmas tree atmosphere with winter patterns! Distilled in small touches without the house or on the festive table, they brighten the atmosphere and immerse us in childhood. We take advantage of their ephemeral presence to play the card of humor and display them where we do not always expect it… Here are some ideas!

The magic of the appointment

For an atmosphere full of magic, bet on the snowflake, star or even pine cone patterns. On a background of white, pastel blue and silver tones, they create a magical and glamorous atmosphere. Ideal on table linen for an enchanted Christmas meal…

For a "mountain chalet" atmosphere

Tradition obliges, the patterns of fir, reindeer or even snowman have the wind in their sails and remind us of the Christmas of yesteryear. We create a mountain chalet atmosphere by making them appear on our windows (with artificial snow for example) or on household linen (tea towels, tablecloth, towels ...). Why not make a mobile home, with patterns cut from a pretty golden or silver cardboard? Above the table or in the hall it will immediately set the tone!

Ephemeral decoration

Do not forget that winter patterns strongly mark your decoration. So remember to renew it once the holidays are over. Indeed, reindeer and snowflakes will no longer be very suitable once winter has passed…