Feature: renovate windows

Feature: renovate windows

To keep your home as insulated as possible, it is important to maintain and renovate your windows throughout the year. Joint, painting, cleaning, the editorial team gives you some tips and everyday gestures to adopt.

Tips for renovating a window

Depending on the material chosen for your windows, the renovation will not require the same work: - If your wooden windows are damaged, it will be necessary to devote a considerable time to them. Start by sanding the areas where the varnish is chipped and then apply a new coat of varnish. If some cracks have appeared here and there, think of two-component putty to plug the holes. - For PVC windows, you must use a coating specially designed for this type of frame. Avoid ordinary paints which can create roughness on the original paint. - Aluminum windows have the distinction of having an incredible lifespan. However, it can happen that they also need a little facelift. To do this, avoid using corrosive products and favor a neutral detergent diluted in water. The latter will effectively remove all stains that have settled over time.

How to install a new window seal?

Don't forget the seals! When these are worn out, your winter electricity bill can skyrocket! To install a new window seal, bring a dry cloth, a specific seal roller, a spatula and a pair of scissors. Start by cleaning the laying surface so that it is perfectly clean by scraping the impurities with a spatula then remove the last residues with the cloth. Then glue your joint starting at the top of the window and go down. Go around your window.

Take care of your windows

To avoid having to make major renovations on your windows, it is important to maintain them regularly. As for wooden windows, take advantage of the summer to give them a little paint. This will extend their lifespan. During the winter, take a look at your windows to see if any fungi have lodged there. Second case: PVC windows. They are the easiest to clean, but require more regular maintenance than wooden windows. A sponge, soapy water, a clean cloth and voila! Finally, take care of your aluminum windows by also cleaning them with soapy water at least twice a year.