Feature: spring: all our video tips for a clean and tidy house

Feature: spring: all our video tips for a clean and tidy house

The arrival of sunny days is an opportunity for many of us to carry out the famous spring cleaning. Storage, cleaning, all the rooms of the house pass there! To make your work easier, as we know, cleaning is far from being a pleasure, here are some tips for an interior that shines brightly and where everything is in its place!

Women's accessories: how to store them properly?

Scarves by the dozens, nail polish by the twenties, bracelets by the thirties ... we will not lie, small feminine accessories tend to take up space everywhere in the house. However, no question of getting rid of them, let's find rather good ideas to put them away. In the bathroom for example, forget about the makeup lying around on the shelves, in drawers and in pencil cases! Rather offer him pretty personalized baskets and bins that you will attach to the wall or simply put on a low piece of furniture. On the jewelry side, play the originality card by putting them on stage! The rings in a book, the necklaces on a cactus made of PVC pipes and voila! Finally, bet on different styles of rods to hang your handbags, scarves or hats. Inexpensive and easy to make yourself, we highly recommend the idea!

Kitchen and bathroom: our ideas for top organization

Small appliances here, delicatessen there, utensils overflowing drawers, the kitchen can quickly become a real site when it is no longer given enough storage time. So it's time to think of some tips to organize this room again! We, we retained the idea of ​​the spice frame to hang on the wall, the knife holder easy to make with some skewers and the clothespins to attach to the wall to hang the tea towels. Also in the bathroom, is there any work? Note that with a few wooden planks, pots and a little elbow grease, you can easily make a bath deck at home or even a towel rack. At your hammers!

Tips for making your house shine

White vinegar, lemon, baking soda, these are the three ingredients you will need to make your house shine! Inexpensive and eco-friendly, they will make your life easier to get rid of traces of lime on the taps, to effectively clean your refrigerator or even to find a baking sheet like new. All you have to do is follow the tutorials!