Plug a crack in a wall or ceiling

Plug a crack in a wall or ceiling

Over time, the walls and ceilings of a house or apartment can crack. More than painting, it is necessary to re-fill the trace to be sure that the brush stroke is really effective afterwards.

Plug a crack on a wall ...

Before starting and cleaning the wall to be filled, it is important to protect the floor and the baseboards with tarpaulins. Then, the walls must be cleaned in two stages: first scrape off the flaking paint around the crack, and wash the wall with large amounts of water and if possible with Saint Marc type detergent. Then to improve the adhesion of the plaster, it is advisable to enlarge the crack that needs to be filled in and to moisten the hole with a brush. After the phase of, it's time to apply the coating with a palette. The application must be made in the direction of the crack then, to remove the excess plaster, iron diagonally over the hole to be filled. As soon as the layers are dry, emery paper allows to smooth the repair before repainting the wall.

Plug a crack on a ceiling ...

If a crack appears on the ceiling, plaster must be applied after protecting the floor and washing up. As for a wall, it is advisable to widen the crack to promote the adhesion of the paste. But the ceilings have a particular characteristic: the cracks can evolve, close again then reappear, which makes the plaster inefficient. To avoid this inconvenience, an elastic calico can be attached to the first layer of the plaster and then covered. Then a coat of paint can be applied to the ceiling.