Cleaning the windows: all our tips

Cleaning the windows: all our tips

The basic solution for cleaning windows: water and soap

Two precautions should be taken before you start cleaning the windows. The first: remove dust and other cobwebs that can stain windows and glass. Second point: avoid using hot water which evaporates too quickly. After mixing soap and cold water, simply apply a soaked sponge over the entire surface of the glass. With a cloth, dry a strip of a few centimeters around the glass: this is where the passage of the squeegee will begin. Then, grab the squeegee and start from the top left corner to descend vertically along the window. To avoid drops of dirty water, it is advisable to stop the descent a few centimeters around the window. Then wipe the squeegee with a clean cloth and start again.

Newsprint in vinegar: other window cleaning solutions

Raclette and soapy water are not the only techniques for having transparent panes. Using slightly damp newspaper rubbed against the glass also works very well. On the other hand, lukewarm or hot water can be added to vinegar or dishwashing detergent: the heat of the water accelerates its evaporation and does not require the use of a squeegee or a cloth. Finally, a cloth soaked in vinegar also helps attack dirt from the glass.