Clean a terrace

Clean a terrace

When the good weather arrives, the desire to enjoy the garden and eat outside is often felt. So as not to spoil this pleasure, it may be interesting to think of cleaning the terrace that last winter may have been roughing up. Some tips for frying wood, tiles or concrete.

Clean a concrete terrace: fight against moss and weeds

The joints between the cement slabs are often the ideal places for weeds to proliferate. The first thing to do is therefore to tear off by hand the blades of grass that appear and to fill the space between the tiles with sand. Then, using soapy water and a sponge may be enough to brown the concrete. If necessary, a hard broom with hot water and soda can help remove larger stains. Finally, the last option is the high pressure cleaner, to be used in moderation.

Cleaning a wooden terrace: humidity but not too much

For wooden terraces, brooms or brushes which can be used to clean the wooden slats must absolutely be passed in the direction of the wood. The general principle is to moisten the terrace to facilitate the scouring of the grooves and remove accumulated dirt, with a simple broom or with a scraper or a spatula. Wooden terraces also tend to lose their natural color: "sobering" products exist in powder form to be applied with a little water and then rinsed off.

Cleaning a tiled terrace: simple and ecological products

White vinegar, baking soda, linseed oil, black soap ... all these products, which have the advantage of being natural and therefore protect the flowers that can surround the terrace, can be used to scour outdoor tiles. With a broom soaked in one of these mixtures more or less concentrated depending on the dirt, pass over the entire surface by rubbing. Again, the use of a high pressure cleaner must be done with care.