Choosing a garden shed

Choosing a garden shed

They have grown like little mushrooms for several years and have become the essential element of all those who have a garden. Manufacturers have understood this and today offer a multitude of diverse and varied garden shelters. To help you make your choice, some tips to take into account.

What is a garden shed for?

The first question to ask yourself before choosing a garden shed is that of its use. Will the garden shed only be used to store DIY tools, be a gardening workshop, or must be able to transform itself into a living space? The use you will make of your garden shed will determine its main characteristic: its size.

What size ?

Not too big, not too small, not too bulky compared to the rest of the garden, these are probably the ideal dimensions. For a garden shed used as storage space, count between 3 and 5 m2. Between 5 and 15 m2, a small DIY or gardening space can be added. Beyond the 15 m2, the garden shed is transformed into a living space in its own right that can, for example, accommodate a bed for friends. Remember that to be comfortable and to be able to circulate there, the height of the shelter will have to be slightly above 2 meters.

What material?

If the aesthetic aspect is one of your priorities for your garden shed, then the choice of material should be easy. For the others, there are mainly three materials: wood, PVC and metal. If PVC is not recommended (not very durable, low resistance, etc.), wood seems to be the darling of buyers. It offers a natural side and harmony with the garden, while offering a fairly wide choice (pine, fir, spruce ...). In steel or aluminum, the garden shed will be much easier to assemble, but will have less good insulation.