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Climb a spiral staircase

Climb a spiral staircase

The spiral staircase, a practical and aesthetic staircase

This is the most suitable staircase for a small space, if you have a small duplex apartment or a small two-story house.

It fits easily into a contemporary or modern decoration. We can indeed find it in different materials such as wood, glass or even metal, thus allowing to have a staircase that does not clash with the rest of the decoration of your interior.

The pros and cons of a spiral staircase

Before installing a spiral staircase at home, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages. This will allow you to see if this type of staircase meets your expectations.

  • Advantages

It is the ideal staircase if you have little space at home. Particularly suitable for small spaces, it saves space and is less bulky than a classic straight staircase. Its diameter rarely exceeds 1.60m. Self-supporting and independent, it does not require a supporting wall. It can therefore be installed more or less where desired in a room.

  • The inconvenients

Because of its small width, the spiral staircase is not always practical. Also think that it is difficult if not impossible to mount heavy or bulky objects on the upper floor using this staircase.

For the elderly or children, it can quickly represent a certain danger.

Define the number of steps of a spiral staircase

Before purchasinga spiral staircase, it is necessary to determine its number of steps. A fairly simple calculation makes it possible: it suffices to divide the landing height by 13 (the general number of steps). If the result is between 17 and 20 cm (the ideal distance between each of the steps), no problem. Otherwise, add or remove them.

Turning left or right?

In trade, spiral staircases always exist in two versions: turning left or right. The choice will have to be made according to the layout of your interior, taking into account the circulation spaces at the entrance or at the exit of the steps.

Assemble and fix your spiral staircase

The assembly of a spiral staircase does not present any major difficulty, especially since for the models in kit, the explanatory note provided by the manufacturers will guide you step by step. The installation includes on average 6 successive stages:

  1. We take the measures. Make sure that the place where you decided to install your spiral staircase is perfectly suited. When taking the measurement, add a few centimeters as a precaution but also to facilitate installation.
  2. We decide where the stairs turn : To the right or to the left ? Make sure you have enough circulation space at the entrance or exit of the steps so as not to interfere with your daily life.
  3. We determine the position of the last step. The position of the last step when opening from above will also determine the position of the first step at the bottom of the stairs.
  4. We set up the column. We fix it on the ground, then we insert the steps to the left and right, as we go up. Then install the balusters from the top of the stairs.
  5. We add the handrail. The staircase installation is almost finished. The handrail can be made of wood, metal or steel. Attach the baluster well from the bottom of the floor and screw it to the central column.
  6. We carry out the last checks. You can also come and paint your spiral staircase so that it fits better into your decor.