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Make paint

Make paint

With water, glycero, mat, shiny or satin ... You will find a huge choice of paints in DIY surfaces. You can also decide to make your own paint yourself. An economical solution which has the advantage of a truly tailor-made result. Opt for ecological recipes, safe for health!

Casein painting

Inexpensive and very resistant over time, casein paint contains no harmful products. It is ideal for all surfaces, which must be dry, healthy, clean and level. White, it is colored with natural pigments. Thanks to its high coverage, it is used to paint large areas and ceilings. For 10 liters of paint, pour 2 liters of water into a container. Mix 300 g of casein. Add 80 g of borax powder, stirring vigorously. Let stand for 2 hours. Pour into another container 2.5 liters of water and 6 kg of powdered chalk (Meudon white). Mix, without adding water. Two hours later, mix the two preparations together. Add the pigments previously wet with a little water until the mixture is perfectly homogeneous. For greater color intensity, decrease the amount of chalk. Let sit for half an hour.

Clay painting

Matte, clay painting has the advantage of reflecting the light well. With a high covering power, it also regulates the humidity of the walls. Note: clay paint is not used on metal. Nor should it be applied to lacquered paint. For a dose of clay, add 1/3 dose of flour glue, ¼ blanc de Meudon, 1/8 linseed oil, 1/8 alcohol vinegar. Mix. The preparation has a covering power of 6 to 8 m2 for a liter. The paint dries in four hours.