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Remove glued carpet

Remove glued carpet

To install new carpet, tiles, parquet or linoleum, you must go through the preparation of the support step. Often you will need to remove the existing covering, especially if it is a carpet. If it is glued, it is not always easy to remove it, so there are a few important points to keep in mind. Two techniques are available to you, depending on the time and money you want to spend on this operation.

Removing glued carpet: the manual method

First of all, using a solid cutter, segment the carpet into several strips about twenty centimeters wide. Be careful to properly adjust the blade so as not to damage the support. Using a metal spatula or a carpet scraper, peel off the ribbons thus cut. You can use pliers to lift them. Then try to scrape off the glue using the scraper or the spatula. If the operation turns out to be difficult, you will have to use a special stripper or even Saint Marc detergent. Spread it on a small portion of soil and, after leaving to act for the time indicated, you can start scraping the glue again. Proceed gradually, taking care to open the windows wide. It is also possible to use a heat gun, but its use requires the wearing of a mask due to toxic fumes. Finally, it is advisable to wash the floor thoroughly and to check that there is no trace of adhesive left. If necessary, reapply a little product and scrape off the leftovers. After cleaning, remember to allow it to dry before getting down to laying the new covering.

Removing glued carpets: using a stripper

You can also use a wallpaper stripper, or even a special carpet stripper, which will greatly facilitate your work. They are available for rent for a few tens of euros.