5 tips to decorate your home while spending nothing

5 tips to decorate your home while spending nothing

1 / Organize and sort

Sometimes it is enough to store, sort and rearrange its interior to feel like you're living in a new space. Indeed, we often tend to accumulate without asking too many questions and to keep things that are more useful to us or that we are tired of… Emptying, this is the first step to decorate your house by spending nothing ! The old medallion chair salvaged from grandma who hangs around the corner of the entrance? We always said we would restore it, it's been ages since it was abandoned, maybe it would be time to part with it, right? The wooden ladder that we unearthed at a flea market a few years ago and which has been in the living room ever since? If we don't want it anymore, we get rid of it! Yes, we give or sell in flea markets or garage sales. Airing your decor allows you to bring out the pieces that you really appreciate. Sorting out allows us to rediscover hidden treasures that we had forgotten and that we could highlight in its interior. What a profit!

2 / Renovate a piece of furniture

Renovate a piece of furniture yourself, it costs (almost) nothing at all, it's not that complicated (as long as we have the right tools and the right tutorial), it allows us to give a second youth and a new look to the furniture, but especially a new decoration inside! So we roll up our sleeves and start DIY ! Are you emotionally unable to part with the medallion chair that belonged to grandma, for example? It is possible to restore it and give it a new, more modern appearance, even if it is in a hell of a bad state… To make even more savings, we do not hesitate to ask our loved ones for the tools and the necessary to renovate your furniture yourself.

3 / Start DIY

To go even further regarding the DIY, we think of little decorative details that can make all the difference in its interior decoration. How about repainting the rustic buffet in your dining room? How about changing the handles of your kitchen cupboards? Or the feet of his living room armchair? It's crazy how these small restorations bring a second breath to an interior decoration.

4 / Adopt recovery

In general, we say yes to the Recycling ' ! Pallets, fruit crates, old ladder or old shutter ... These objects that can be recovered here and there are excellent allies to give style and character to its interior. Are we out of ideas for using them in our decor? We note that it is quite possible to make a coffee table with wooden pallets, a headboard with an old shutter, a towel holder for the bathroom with a wooden ladder or even a storage unit with several wooden crates, for example.

5 / Change the furniture

It sounds harmless, but it works! If we change their furniture, we reorganize and transform the decor of our interior! Could the sofa in the reading corner give a new look to the living room? Same thing for the kitchen table; it would be more highlighted in the dining room, right? We also move plaids and cushions, but also frames, rugs and lamps ... All these accessories can change the atmosphere of the rooms! We don't neglect them.

Finally, the radical solution for change the decor of your interior without spending anything ? Sell ​​your furniture to get enough budget in order to buy new ones! Fancy a new coffee table? We sell the old and buy, or better yet, in China a new one! Need a little extra dresser for the entrance? What if we sold another piece of unused furniture so that we could buy it?