Zoom on… the panoramic wallpaper

Zoom on… the panoramic wallpaper

Where does it come from, panoramic wallpaper?

As much to admit right away, the panoramic wallpaper is nothing new. On the contrary, even, since this type of interior decoration was a must-have ... in 19e century. And yes. The great fashion was then to dress the walls of strips of adjoining wallpaper to constitute a landscape decoration in one piece, preferably exotic to better dazzle the guests. In other words, it was neither more nor less than a mural, but on paper rather than painted directly on the wall.

We called him then decorative panel and the process was expensive, since it was produced on a small scale by factories with unique know-how, sometimes tailor-made. And asked by workers, certainly not by the sponsors of the work. Suffice to say that it was reserved for the elite. And all the difference is there, the panoramic wallpaper of 21e century being mass produced and therefore much cheaper, unless targeting works by artists. Without forgetting that the majority of us gladly roll up our sleeves to rub the apply wallpaper !

What is the difference between wallpaper and panoramic wallpaper?

A wallpaper roll consists of repeated patterns and is placed in successive strips, side by side. There may be connections between the strips, but once installed and even if it is offset, the same pattern will still be repeated all over the wall. We also buy identical rolls and standard width to compose a wall.

The panoramic wallpaper, he does things backwards: it is a unique pattern the size of the wall, cut into strips to be placed side by side or one above the other. Result, no repeated patterns but a unique fresco from one end to the other of the wall. The panoramic wallpaper can be ordered by customizing the dimensions according to the size of the wall to be covered. And the strips can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the manufacturer and the decor chosen. Like standard wallpaper, on the other hand, it is installed with wallpaper glue and a squeegee to smooth, requires perfect connections and a minimum of dexterity!

Why does the panoramic wallpaper work?

First, because the panoramic wallpaper promises a stunning effect, regardless of the choice of patterns. It gives the impression of a custom decor like a mural, not a repetition of patterns that are sometimes too visible with certain wallpapers. In summary, it looks luxurious ... even though we find it at more than competitive prices. Again for those who do not aim for limited series or designer creations, since the budget can soar. Two, because it is customizable, and can therefore adapt to any type or configuration of room.

Three, because there are so many styles and decors to transform the atmosphere of a room! There are also panoramic photo wallpapers, trompe l'oeil truer than life reproducing a jungle decor, a wall of books or any other realistic decor. And also artistic panoramic wallpapers, frescoes imitating painting, drawing, engraving, watercolor, etc. They are available in a figurative or abstract, traditional or contemporary version… In short, the wall can boost the decor with an assertive, assumed, personalized and 100% trendy decorative panel. Who says better ?