Tutorial: how to make a tree coat rack?

Tutorial: how to make a tree coat rack?


  • 1 large square batten, about 220 cm high and 5 cm wide
  • 1 large round cleat about 200 cm high and 3 cm wide
  • Screws
  • A screwdriver drill
  • A saw
  • A sanding block
  • A meter, a pencil
  • Paint, patina or other finishes
  • Paintbrushes

Step 1: Build the base

Cut the large batten 220 cm long and 5 cm wide to the lengths indicated below:

  • 180 cm for the largest batten which will serve as the upright for the coat rack.
  • 40 cm for the 4 small cleats of the foot. Attention, the ends of these cleats must be sawed at 45 °.

Sand the sawing edges so that the cutting surfaces are perfectly smooth. To fix the foot cleats, you can mark a mark on the main cleat so that once carried by the four cleats, it no longer touches the ground. Tighten the first foot using your cue and repeat the operation for the other three foot battens.

Step 2: Attach the hooks

Take the second wooden cleat (the one 3 to 4 cm wide according to your choice) and cut it into 6. For this, draw a mark at about 15 cm and saw it at 45 °. Repeat the operation for the other 5 battens. Sand the sawing edges in the same way as for the previous ones. Screw the hooks two by two on each end and vary the faces of the main cleat to alternate. You just have to decorate and personalize it!

Step 3: Finishes

It's the funniest and most creative step: the finishing touches. You can paint it entirely or paint parts of it using masking tape. We imagine, for example, wearing a solid color and all the colored coat hooks for a fun and playful look. On the same principle, give it elegance by painting only the feet in black or gold. And if you are more vintage and retro decoration, nothing prevents you from giving it an aged appearance thanks to the patina!

Bonus: a mikado coat rack

You do not feel the soul of the handyman? Here is an even easier DIY idea to create a coat rack with wooden cleats! Rather than fixing your coat rack using small foot cleats, you can use the mikado technique! How? 'Or' What ? By assembling large round battens to each other using a rope. Attached in this way, the cleats stand alone!