How often should you wash your tea towels and hand towels?

How often should you wash your tea towels and hand towels?

Like any self-respecting household linen, the tea towels and in particular the hand towels are a little paradise of microbes, germs and bacteria. Joys against which the only parade is hygiene, scrupulous preferably ... but what is, scrupulous hygiene, exactly? We tell you everything to wash tea towels and hand towels at a good pace!

When to wash the tea towels and hand towels?

We would like to give you an immutable rule, but it all depends on each person's uses. A dish towel used only for dishes once in a while may be washed only once a week, for example. Conversely, a hand towel used every day should ideally be changed every day ! In particular in a house with several occupants, even more in a home with children, and necessarily if one of the occupants is sick. If there is any doubt, we sniff: any odor, even the smallest, must trigger the change of the cloth. In fact, it is expected to clean cloths and towels at an average rate of one wash every two or three days. As long as you follow a simple rule: do not mix tea towels and towels. Or more precisely, tea towels and hand towels. Since the hands are the most carrier parts of germs, it is better to avoid then conscientiously spread them on the dishes in which you eat. Conversely, by assigning a specific use to each cloth, we avoid daily washing!

Why change the tea towels and hand towels?

Above all, because the bacteria on towels or tea towels proliferate at an alarming rate, warm on a damp cloth. Then, because these bacteria are transferred for each use to the surface with which they come into contact: the hands of children who will end up in their mouths, or the glasses in which we will drink. Result? As long as the bacteria is naughty or unknown to our organism, there is a big risk, especially as in families, it can infect everyone. And then, because change cloths and paper towels allows you to renew the decor by deploying our entire collection of pretty patterned tea towels! A detail, certainly, but which puts the pill in front of the stack of laundry.

How to properly wash paper towels and other tea towels?

We understood, the principle is to eradicate bacteria. Washing at 60 or even 90 ° C mandatory, therefore, in long cycle, with two tablespoons of white vinegar to soften and disinfect. Baking soda can help revive the textiles in our favorite washed, rewashed and washed dishcloths! In all cases, we leak the fabric softener which masks odors and reduces the absorbency of a fabric, a disaster for high-performance tea towels and hand towels. And we dry them perfectly, after washing as well as after use: no question of leaving a damp cloth in a ball on the work surface, unless you want to (re) wash it in stride… Any more tips? If bacteria love to macerate in dark, damp corners, they hate sunbathing. Between two detergents, we dry the cloths in full sun to drive them away!