Do you know the Decopatch?

Do you know the Decopatch?

The Décopatch has become a must for creative hobbies! With a few sheets of paper and a special glue, you can customize all the objects in your home. Explanations.

What is Decopatch?

It is a technique that allows you to decorate furniture and objects by covering them with decorative paper. We then use a glue varnish and fairly thin sheets of paper which do not tear when we glue them and whose color does not fade. The rendering is bright and looks a bit like a painted surface.

What to do with the Decopatch?

You can do almost anything! Indeed, the Décopatch can be applied on news as well: 739845 fabric as on cardboard, metal or wood. You can therefore customize furniture but also decorative items. Know that you will find in creative leisure shops many raw objects to customize: boxes, trays, mirrors ... In the same way, there are sheets of paper with multiple patterns. You can also use paper towels by splitting them. For beginners, you will even find kits including varnish, a few sheets of paper and an object to customize. Discover our selection for your Decopatch creations. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"