Compact furniture to save space

Compact furniture to save space

To optimize the small corners of your house or apartment, we offer a selection of compact furniture or equipment for all rooms of your interior. Laundry basket, shoe rack, Murphy bed, garden cupboard ... follow the guide!

To hang behind a door

To save space, small practical storage units make our lives easier. They hang behind a door, like towel racks, shoe racks or recycling bins.

To slide behind a piece of furniture

Also think of furniture to slide along a wall, of a washing machine ... You will find in particular baskets for the laundry or high shelves to fill a small space, in an office, in a bedroom or in the garden .

But also…

Wall shelves are proving to be both an economical and practical solution to benefit from storage space while taking up the space offered by the walls. Furniture is also designed to make things easier, such as fold-away beds to store on the ceiling, sofa beds or desks with swivel trays to increase the workspace at will. The nesting tables also allow to decorate useful. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"