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Fuchsia pink in the decor

Fuchsia pink in the decor

Saturated colors radiate summer, here is a refrain that returns every year. At the heart of this tangy trend, there is fuchsia pink, a raspberry shade that evokes greed in the feminine. Deco question, it wakes up and brightens the interior, on condition of using it in moderation. Let's do a check in. If pink is the feminine color par excellence, in terms of decoration, we must distinguish pale pink from dark pink, more toned, including fuchsia. The first more expresses tenderness and candor, while the second more clearly symbolizes the joie de vivre and gluttony. Precisely, the fuchsia pink is very close to the color of raspberries, which gives it a fresh and vitamin-like appearance.

In which rooms?

Fuchsia pink can easily take over any room in the house, the idea being to awaken the decor. In other words, this color can underline the glamor of the bedroom, the sensuality in the bathroom, a boudoir side in the living room or the gourmet spirit of the kitchen.

Be careful not to weigh down the decor

Admittedly, the fuchsia brings sparkling and freshness in the house, however, it is necessary to know how to make good use of it so as not to distort the interior. The reason ? The tone of this color gives the optical illusion that it invades the space. For example, in a room entirely painted in fuchsia, the white furniture and the ceiling will appear slightly pink. If this color is close to your heart, you must use tricks to prevent it from weighing down the decor. Among the good ideas to take, we can bet on accessories and furniture in fuchsia color (headboard, seats, curtains, carpet vases ...) rather than painting the walls or then painting the facades of a room, but only 2 instead of 4. Thus, we obtain a balanced presence of color, ideal for enhancing the room. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"