End table: instructions for use

End table: instructions for use

What is a end table?

It's about a small side table, which could be between the coffee table and the stool that is placed on the side of the sofa for practical and decorative use. The furniture is indeed narrower and higher than a coffee table so that its height adapts perfectly to that of the sofa. You will use it to place a book, a small lamp, a candle or a plant. This small table allows you to have what you need on hand, such as the remote control when watching TV. In other words, it's the best sofa companion ! But above all, the end table is the finishing touch to a character salon. And if space allows, dare to accumulate by choosing models of colors or various shapes for an even more stunning result!

In the living room but not only ...

If the end table is a must-have in the living room, this small piece of furniture also finds its place in other rooms of the house. We imagine for example, as nightstand in a room, like side table in the library area of ​​the office or even as miniature console at the entrance or in a corridor. In short, you understood, the possibilities are endless! This means that if you want to change, your end table will always be useful to you. Especially since it generally does not take up much space. And one more reason to adopt it!

How to choose a side table?

There are a multitude of forms and of styles. So choosing a sofa is a real pleasure. You can select a piece of furniture to match your sofa, carpet or walls by choosing colors and materials that coordinate. And if you prefer a touch of originality, opt for a sofa end offset with the rest of the decor so that this discreet piece of furniture becomes the centerpiece of the living room which attracts all eyes. For a industrial style, choose one of the recycled or raw materials such as metal. For a country house type interior, favor a classic wooden model. For a more exotic or bohemian look, fall for vegetable fibers such as rattan, wicker or bamboo! Finally, a brass model and marble effect top will be the Art Deco touch modern version…

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Adequate dimensions

In order to choose the end of the sofa that suits you, you must also pay attention to its dimensions :

  • The height : this should ideally match that of your sofa or the seat (or even the bed) it accompanies. And this, to allow you to have everything at hand…
  • Thediameter: The diameter, like the length, must be defined according to the volume of your sofa so that the result is proportionate and harmonious. It would be a shame to choose an oversized model that would almost compete with your coffee table…
  • The form: There is something for every taste ! Round, oval, square, rectangular, asymmetrical ... To choose, you must define the place that suits him as well as the objects you want to put on it. Your choice beyond being practical can also be aesthetic. In a living room with straight lines, it can be interesting to use rounded furniture to give rhythm to the decor of the room.

Homemade end table

Follower of DIY and DIY, the end of the sofa can completely be made by you. We think in particular of wooden crates which can easily be used to create this little extra piece of furniture. As for lovers of object diversion, consider using rigid baskets on which to place a tray. You can even recover a piece of wood large enough to be able to put it vertically! And for an atypical decoration, nothing prevents you from attaching feet to a box or even to a vintage trunk. Guaranteed effect!